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Service Description: Geographic, tabular, and study report information as printed in the 1982 Maine Rivers Study.

Map Name: 1982 Maine Rivers Study


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Layers: Description: On June 22, 1981, Governor Brennan released the Energy Policy for the State of Maine. The hydropower section of the policy directed that: “The Department of Conservation, working with environmental, economic, energy and other appropriate interests, should identify river stretches in the State that provide unique recreational opportunities or natural values and develop a strategy for the protection of these areas for submission to the Governor.” In response to this directive, and as a continuation of the State’s ongoing efforts to conserve Maine’s significant rivers, the Department of Conservation initiated the Maine Rivers Study. The U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service’s Mid-Atlantic Office, as part of their ongoing river conservation technical assistance to the State, provided staff to conduct this study. The purpose of the study was two-fold: The first was to define a list of unique natural and recreation rivers, identifying and documenting important river related resource values as well as ranking the State’s rivers into categories of significance based on composite river resource value. The second purpose of the study was to identify a variety of actions that the State can initiate to manage, conserve, and where necessary, enhance the State’s river resources in order to protect those qualities which have been identified as important

Copyright Text: Vicki Schmidt, GIS Environmental Specialist III, Maine Department of Environmental Protection, BWQ

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